Saturday, March 23, 2013

Are You A Piece of Our Puzzle????

What can you buy with $5:
A combo meal at some fast food restaurants
A large starbucks coffee
A large bag of candy
A gallon of gas
A 12 pack of soda
1/2 of a movie ticket
1/8th of your cable bill for a month (maybe)

Here is another option for $5 - help bring our kids home. We are super psyched about our latest fundraiser! It will be such an awesome tangible way for our kids to see how many people helped to bring them home.

Here's the deal.....

I am going to ask every single person I know for $5 AND I want them to ask everyone they know for $5 (share the blog, share on FB, share the postcards we sent, word of mouth, etc.)

Here is how this will work:

We bought two 1000 piece puzzles

We are "selling" each piece for $5

For every $5 we collect your name (or your family's name, your dogs name, any name you want) will go on the back of the puzzle piece

When all 2000 pieces are "sold" or sponsored we'll frame the puzzles in a double sided glass frame. That way we can look at the cool puzzle on one side and flip it over to see everyone who has helped us bring our kids home.