Sunday, July 28, 2013

Checking in

Hello everyone!!

I realized it had been a month since our last post!! There is not much new to report. We have passed court and our CONA period which means according to the government of our children's birth country we are legally their parents. We are incredibly excited. Unfortunately we are still playing the waiting game and probably will be for many more months. To be honest I can't swell on it too much or it just gets depressing. We desperately want to have our children in our arms. But, we wait for the proper government and paperwork legalities to be worked out. We are waiting for some documents to be corrected - some simply typos could potentially hold us up later so we feel it is best to wait now and have them fixed. Then we file I600. Once approved it is forwarded to the embassy. Then we settle in to the excruciating (every part of waiting is excruciating) embassy investigation period. We are holding out hope we won't have to wait the entire 6 months while also reminding ourselves to be realistic and prayerfully patient.

So, that's the latest. More waiting. We are praying for an ethical and expeditious process. I don't believe those have to be mutually exclusive of each other. We are hoping and praying our children are being cared for by people who truly care about them and that they are experiencing, even a little, what it feels like to live within a family. Their brother and sisters are anxiously waiting for them to come home and always ask when they will be coming home. We have their pictures up in our house and when the little girls run by their pictures on the fridge they shout out their new brother's name. It really is precious. I cannot wait until he is home and they are shouting at him to stop chasing them ;)

In our life news we have accepted an offer on our house and hope to be moving into a new home this fall. We felt confident that our house would sell but we did not expect it to happen in 3 days. Nevertheless it is one thing to cross off our list of things to think about. Now the fun of finding a home to fit all 8 of us! And a garage that will house our ginormous van!!!!