Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A few facts

My family is sharing our story with a wide audience as of late. We have two children stuck on the other side of the world. We are legally their parents. They have clearance to enter the United States and yet they aren't being allowed to leave their country. Those are the facts.

It's also a fact that I love those two kids very, very, very much. I love them enough to make the hard decisions if it would come to that.

It's also a fact that besides their dad and me (and a very small handful of people involved in investigating their cases) NO ONE knows their story or the details surrounding the circumstances that led to us becoming their parents.

It's also a fact that we will continue to advocate on their behalf and fight for them to be united with their forever family. Every child, regardless of their place of birth, deserves to grow up in a loving family. Every child. For some kids that means adoption is their best option.

It's also a fact that there will always be people who don't 'get it'. Who try to drag people down, rain on their parade, piss in their cheerios, or whatever other little saying you want to throw in here. They may throw sweeping accusations at you. And, if you're secure in the knowledge of your case and your conscience is clear you will find those accusations laughable. It's also quite possible that will drive the people who don't 'get it' CRAZY. I'm ok with that.

In short - as my family gets ready to share our story on a wider scale and as it reaches people who don't agree with us or what we are doing I want them to understand THIS: They can throw accusations at us, they can say we have done awful things or participated in corrupt things, they can say we are awful people, they cn say we should not adopt outside our borders, they can say we don't have the money to do it, they can say we shouldn't ask for help, they can say whatever they want really.

But, in reality these people don't know the facts. They can quote generalized facts. They do not know the facts surrounding my family, my finances, my kids or any of our stories. Haters will always hate. We will not engage in a campaign to change their minds as that will be draining our resources from fighting for our kids and doing what we wholeheartedly believe to be the right thing for them.


  1. Praying for you. I am trying to advocate for my friend in a similar situation but really it's for all the children. Praying for your children as well.

  2. Adoption in the US is just as difficult if not harder now days, why? OH yeah cause anyone that is pregnant and doesn't want to be gets told they have a way out and they take it. Why should we have consequences for our actions! Adoption may not be for everyone, but those that have been blessed with that passion are amazing people. I am so glad that 33 years ago my mother and father in law took that step of faith! My life would not be the same! Truth, adoption whether domestic or not is expensive and comes with a lot of what ifs as well as financial burdens. When friends and family choose to stand with those families no matter if it is in prayer or financially it is their choice and no matter how or when they get to meet the miracles they have been supporting they will all be blessed!

  3. You two are fierce, loving parents and I applaud you for not turning your backs when faced with hurt and adversity. Stay the course. You said it best [and I certainly agree] -- they are worth the wait!


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